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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm seriously considering spending my Christmas iTunes giftcard on the whole Wicked album.

Caffeine is consuming me.  I have to cut back.

John got me Personal Trainer Cooking for the DS.  I cannot wait to use it.

He also got me a hair dryer.  I already have used it!

I would not make it through the winter without our kerosene heater.

My new license came in the mail yesterday.  I'm an organ donor so it has a cute little red heart on it.  I got a form to fill out if I would like to put any restrictions on what organs/tissue/etc. they can use.  Honestly, the thought of them using my skin grosses me out.  But then John reminded me it could be for a firefighter who was I agreed to it.  As long as they don't take it off my face or anything.  I would like an open casket.  (In case you were wondering...)

I still have ornaments and strings of lights around the living room that I need to pack away.  I'll be doing that when I get out of work early this afternoon.

I secretly feel special every time I park in our garage.

Three-day weekends make me feel like I can accomplish anything!

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