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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Ornaments, Days 4 & 5

These ornaments, while they are mine, don't live at my house.  They reside on my parent's (fake) tree. 

A little background: Each of us kids has our own first Christmas ornament.  We were all born on even years.  But since I was born after Christmas, my first Christmas ornament is the only one that doesn't correspond with my birth year.  I was almost a year old when I celebrated my first Christmas. 

As for the second brother and I both made ornaments with our pictures when we were in elementary school.  Sarah & Christine, however, did not.  It was always a competition between Dave & I to have our picture ornament front and center on the tree.  Many times the picture ornaments would mysteriously move or disappear altogether...only to be found on the very back of the tree.

I guess my sisters were jealous, so my Mom made them their own ornaments with elememtary age pictures.

But I think know mine is the best.  :)


Anonymous said...

You wish! Did you see who's is front and centa this year?!?! :)

Lynn said...

What's that? Your FAKE ornament that you didn't even MAKE?!?!