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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My grown-up Christmas list!

Here's a small list of some of the things I want for Christmas. Just in case any one's wondering. :) In no particular order.

  1. A food processor. Not a massive one, but big enough.
  2. A new hair dryer. Mine is petering out.
  3. A George Foreman-type counter top grill.
  4. A video camera. Digital, no tapes.
  5. A new laptop. (Yeah, I know, keep dreaming.)
  6. Books. Any kind of books.
  7. Clothes. Any kind of clothes. (Mostly shirts and tops.)
  8. Household decorations stuff (candles, pictures, little shelves, knick-knacky things...I have no real 'style', so anything works!)
  9. Lovespell lotion/body spray from Victoria's Secret
  10. Scrapbooking stuff. I'm hopeful I'll have time to scrapbook sometime soon!
  11. A new washer and dryer. :D
  12. A new Nalgene bottle
  13. SOCKS!
  14. Gift cards: Old Navy, Target, iTunes, etc!!

Just some ideas to get you started... :) Merry Christmas all!


J said...

Lovespell spray is on my list too! Although I may end up getting some before Christmas as I'm completely out and have been for a little bit!!!
One of my friends renamed it several years ago: he asked if I was wearing "that kiss me beautiful perfume?"!!! Too funny! Now that's what we jokingly call it! : )
--Jamie S

Anonymous said...

you forgot to add a gift certificate to Sensational Hair design ;)