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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Favorite Things

I don't care for raindrops on roses. Bright copper kettles require too much cleaning. Woolen mittens are just plain itchy. But there are some things in life that simply make me happy. Here's some of them:

I absolutely love Sunday afternoons. Lunch with John after church, then football, or whatever is on, maybe a nap, maybe some reading, or possibly some crocheting. Nothing beats an afternoon of relaxing before another work week begins!

Crocheted blankets make me happy. My sister-in-law Amy gave me a big, comfy blanket she made for my bridal shower. It keeps me comfy on these chilly nights and I love it.

John may despise our new (to us) chair, and the fact that I made him go pick it up (even though we don't need it) but I love it! It gives us an extra seat (that's not a dining room chair) when company is over, and I think it adds a homey feel to our living room. Big thanks to Sarah's in-laws for the free chair!

I've gotta say it. I'm not trying to rub it in. But the Yankees winning makes me smile. I don't understand why Yankees fans aren't allowed to enjoy wins like other teams fans. Just because the other team had some errors and the Yankees benefited from them doesn't mean anything! This is baseball, people! It's the way it goes! And don't get all bent out of shape over a bad call. The Yankees have had their fair share of bad calls.

Okay, I'm off that soapbox.

It makes me so happy when John calls me from work. The fact that we've been married almost 3 years, together over 7, and he still calls me a couple times a night from work makes me feel special. It's not easy when he's working 2nd or 3rd shift, but he certainly makes an effort to show how much he cares for me. Or maybe he's just bored.

My family is awesome. Mine and John's. I love spending time with them, talking, laughing, crying, we've done it all. The support I receive from my family is priceless. I love nothing better than the times we're together, whether it be for birthday's, holidays or just a dinner together. Nothing is better than family.

A clean house makes me happy. My house isn't always spotless, but as long as it's picked up, dishes done and laundry under control, I'm happy. Even better is when my husband is the one doing the cleaning! (Like the vacuuming yesterday!)

Pumpkin carving, toffee, harvest candles, jalapenos, string cheese, indian corn, doritos, books, red leaves, pictures, US flags, Christmas movies, holiday traditions, babies, vacations & church. Among other things.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Remembrance

Today is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Today I'm remembering by name, each woman I know who has lost a baby. My prayers are with each of them. Some have gone on to have children. Some haven't. Some are trying. Some aren't. We all share a loss that no one else can truly understand.

So to any woman who has ever shared their story of loss with me, I'm thinking of and praying for you tonight. I lit a candle in memory of our babies, and I know someday we'll hold them in Heaven.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Days

I have nothing to blog about. Writer's block? I dunno. So I'm just going to mention some things that I'm thankful for lately.

  • My husband is the best, ever. I love him so much.
  • During a long car ride yesterday, I had lots of time to talk with my sister-in-law. It was great!!
  • Playing and singing at church...I just love it.
  • The nachos I had Friday night were amazing.
  • My niece and nephews are so incredible.
  • Grandma's wedding cake yesterday. Yum. Enough said.
  • I'm so glad for a warm house when it's coooold outside.
  • This morning was a great (part of a) day spent with my hubby. I love spending time with him, joking around and hanging out.

I'm tired. I'm gonna go watch the Yankees (hopefully) kick BUTT.

Friday, October 2, 2009

How to kill take care of a centipede

Or any annoying, disgusting, frightening bug. Most any.

Sorry Christine, about earlier. Maybe this will help you.

First of all, once you locate the trespassing bug, do not, I repeat do not walk directly under/near it. Surely the bugs can sense our fear, and would love to nest in our hair. Try to remain atleast 5 feet from said bug. If you must walk closer than that, hold your breath and run as fast as you can.

Keep a close eye on that thing. There's nothing (except what happened to my sister today) worse than losing sight of it and not knowing where it went. Do not attempt to whack the centipede with a shoe. Very uncertain outcome, and the most likely result will be the pest flying towards you and landing on your shirt. Do not use any type of tissue/paper towel/toilet paper method. I mean, really, why would you even want to? Any of those methods leave you much too close to the offending offender. And to have to squish it under your fingers....oooo, I have goosebumps thinking about it.

So what do you do? I'm glad you asked. Step one, go get your vacuum. I'm hoping you have a vacuum like mine: no bag, sucks up things ferociously and spins them around inside at speeds which induce, um, annihilation. Hook up that looooong hose end. Plug in the vacuum. You're ready.

Proceed to the spot that is currently housing the critter. Hope that it's still there. When you're close enough to suck it up, turn on the vacuum. It's now or never. No hesitation. (This is where I think you went wrong Christine.) Put the end of the vacuum hose directly onto the bug. Show no fear. Show no mercy.

Continue to run the vacuum for a minute or so, to assure death. We don't want them climbing out now, do we? If I can find a tiny pebble or something to suck up in the meantime, I'll do it. Can't hurt.

This process has been successfully used to eliminate spiders, centipedes and other small annoyances. I have been known to do this at 5am in our hallway before I let the dog out. I do not like bugs at all. If you couldn't tell.