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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dinosaur Train

After an amazingly sucessful 5K/Walk N Roll today, it was out to dinner for us.  (Of course inbetween there it was also naptime for everyone, no exceptions!)  John decided on Dinosaur BBQ since we still hadn't been!
I want to go back.  The food was so good.  My particular favorite was their homemade ranch (I think) dipping sauce.  It actually came on JJ's plate, for his chicken fingers.  I swiped it for dipping my fries.  Oh, yum.  So good.  I want more.
One of JJ's latest things is dipping.  He likes to dip his fries and nuggets in ketchup now.  And he's actually pretty good about taking a bite of whatever he's eating, and not just licking the ketchup off.  Well about halfway through dinner, I look over and he's watching his big cousin dip her fingers in the ketchup and lick them off.  Next thing I know, he's doing the same thing.  Hilarious!  I said, "Livy, you're teaching JJ bad habits!"
A few minutes later, Olivia was scolded for something...I don't even remember what.  And what was her response to Mommy?  "But Mommy, I can't stop, I'm teaching JJ bad rabbits!"
Kids are hilarious.
And I don't know how often Dino BBQ has live music, but they did tonight.  The kids had a great time dancing and putting money in the guitar case for about 15 minutes!  The guy singing tonight...wish I could remember his name...he was really good!  Sang an original song (I Do was the name of it...I think) and I found myself singing along!  Definitely had great talent, hope he gets a big break!