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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grace in Parenting

Grace in parenting.
Even though I've been caring for children for years, I've only been a parent for about 21 months.  And 7 days.  But who's counting?  Anyway, the experience I had definitely prepared me for being a Mom, but being "The Mom" is a whole 'nother ballgame.  Any parent will tell you it's about making mistakes as you go.  You pray, you learn, you try, you mess up, you get up tomorrow and try again.  They don't, as the saying goes, come with instruction manuals.
But I've really been thinking a lot about being a parent, and how God 'parents' us.  I'm the type who wants to speak and have immediate obedience.  No excuses, no tardiness, I say it, you do it.  And I do think it's important to have obedient children.  But let's stop and think a second.  If God is our Father, as an example of how we should parent...are we really reflecting the characteristics that he is showing to us? 
God gives us such grace.  He understand that we're going to mess up.  He allows us to make mistakes and learn from them, if it's what we choose to do.  He wants what's best for us, but isn't rude or condescending when we make a bad choice. 
What would this world be like if we treated our children the way God treats us? 
This isn't really something I have perfected.  Ha!  Like I said, I'm still basically a new parent.  The issues we've encountered so far won't hold a candle to the things we'll face in the years to come.  But this is something I'm going to think about a lot and try to put into practice.  Instead of my first reaction being something negative, I might give an extra chance.  Another option.  A hug instead of a swat.  Understanding instead of annoyance.

After all, where would I be without the grace God has given to me?