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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day ~ Part Two

Hello little snowman.

I can see you out my kitchen window.

Now, when I do dishes, I can look at you and be happy.

Until your little blueberry features and carrot nose are eaten away, which I'm sure won't take long.

But for now, you make me smile.

Snow Day ~ Part One

Snow pictures are hard.  Who woulda' thought?  I got a couple good shots this morning, inbetween shoving my camera into a Price Chopper grocery bag to keep it from getting too wet.  Hopefully a few drops won't hurt it. 

Luckily I looked up 'taking pictures in the snow' before I went outside.  One little tip I tried was focusing your camera first on something dark, pushing the button halfway, then turning to whatever it is you really want a picture of and pushing the button the rest of the way down.  And what do you know, it worked! 

Exhibit A:

taken in normal auto
blah, gray
(grey?  gray?  that one always gets me)

focused in on a tree trunk first, then spun around and finished the picture

Exhibit B:

again, taken in normal auto

again, focused on the dark tree trunk, then finished up on the branch

I learned something today!!!  Anybody have any more tips for a snow-picture-taking newbie??