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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day ~ Part One

Snow pictures are hard.  Who woulda' thought?  I got a couple good shots this morning, inbetween shoving my camera into a Price Chopper grocery bag to keep it from getting too wet.  Hopefully a few drops won't hurt it. 

Luckily I looked up 'taking pictures in the snow' before I went outside.  One little tip I tried was focusing your camera first on something dark, pushing the button halfway, then turning to whatever it is you really want a picture of and pushing the button the rest of the way down.  And what do you know, it worked! 

Exhibit A:

taken in normal auto
blah, gray
(grey?  gray?  that one always gets me)

focused in on a tree trunk first, then spun around and finished the picture

Exhibit B:

again, taken in normal auto

again, focused on the dark tree trunk, then finished up on the branch

I learned something today!!!  Anybody have any more tips for a snow-picture-taking newbie??

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