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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The snow is falling.  The most significant snowfall we've had, well, all season!  My kitchen is stocked and the Jeep is full of gas and tucked safely away in the garage.  I'm happy to stay inside and have nowhere to go.  Except for taking JJ out to play, which happened just a little while ago.  I layered him up and pulled him around the yard in a laundry basket.  He loved it, Zoe chased us around, then it was naptime.

We're all over the sickness that descended upon our house last week.  Everyone is happy and healthy right now.  And speaking of happy, our little boy is the happiest little boy ever!  And one of the messiest!

He also must be in the throws of a growth spurt.  Lots of eating and lots of sleeping!  This morning, the breakfast that JJ and I usually split, went solely to him.  If this is a sign of things to come, I think he's going to eat us into the poor house!  Seriously, between last night and this morning, it's like he can't get enough to eat!  We'll see how he likes the enchiladas for dinner tonight!

I'm pondering the dilemma of wanting to get some 'snow' pictures with my new camera yet not wanting to get my new camera wet.  Hmmm...

JJ and I did a huge grocery day on Monday.  Lots of coupons and sales.  Between ShopRite and Price Chopper I spent $128.10 and saved $137.88.  I have meals for probably about a month, as well as breakfast, snack and lunch stuff.  It was an awesome day and JJ was a real trooper.  One and a half hours out at ShopRite, home for a nap, then an hour out at Price Chopper!  Won't have to do that again for awhile!  It's nice to have tons of food in the house, and to have my menu made up.  The worst part of cooking is trying to figure out what to make.  This way, it's already decided for me ahead of time.  Love doing that.

Now I need to finish up some laundry and dishes.  But I'm so tired, I just feel like taking a little nap while JJ takes his nap.  Isn't that what they say to do?  Sleep when the baby sleeps?  He still qualifies as a baby, right?  At least for a few more weeks...

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