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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eleven (?!?!) Months

Food is not going quite as well as before; and I don't really know why!  One day he'll love something, the next day it's on the floor.  (Literally.  Something we're working on.)  So every day is hit or miss.  Some new things that he's had and really usually loves are kiwi, watermelon, peaches, apple butter, toast and NutriGrain bars.  He still gets formula 4 times a day, and I cannot wait until we can switch to milk!!

Not much to say here.  Amazing sleeper, that boy is.  Even when he's sick he's a great sleeper.  The mysterious 'sleeping cough' he had at the time of his last update evolved into an 'all the time' cough and required a trip to the doctor...his first ever sick child visit.  He got an antibiotic and after a few days, it cleared up.

There is something funny he does at nap time now.  I lay him down and cover him, and before I'm even out of the room he's standing up and pulling on his mobile.  He loves it and thinks it's so funny.  It usually takes about 15 minutes before he gives up and falls asleep. 

Playing & Developing
He is all over the place.  I know I've said that before, but now I really mean it!  The bathroom door and our bedroom door are always closed.  We have a gate we occasionally put up blocking the laundry room so he won't go play in Zoe's water dish.  He crawls like a pro, pulls up on everything, including walls and Zoe, and he cruises along furniture all the time now.  He'll even stand for a second or so at a time.  I can't believe how much he's changed in a month.  We bought him a new toy that he can push and walk behind.  He loves it!  He still likes lots of his other toys, as well as lots of our stuff.  The phone, remote, they're still favorites, as well as empty boxes, utensils, etc.  He loves to clap and talk. 

We're definitely starting to see JJ's determination and stubbornness!  Now the real work begins: trying to guide him while not breaking that drive that we see.  It can be frustrating at times.  Like when he touches the floor lamp that he's not supposed to touch for the tenth time in a row, then looks at me to see what I'm going to do about it.  He's a little stinker.  He also gets into these phases where he pulls on Zoe's fur and does not want to stop.  So we're just trying to be consistent with him and show him the right way to do things.  Sometimes he gets a little hand slap, but that doesn't seem to phase him in the least. 

No well child visit until one year, but when we had his sick visit, he was actually down a little bit for weight.  I'm pretty sure that's because of his non-stop activity level!  To be expected.  Unfortunately, JJ had the stomach bug this week.  He threw up twice.  Even more unfortunately, Mommy & Daddy both got it as well, and were laid up much longer than JJ.  (I still am not fully recovered.)  It was his first time throwing up, and it wasn't too bad.  Except that he threw up all over me.  I'm hoping that's the worst of the sickness for this season. 

I said to John today, can you believe in only one month he's going to be One?!  I honestly can't believe we've had him in our lives for almost a full year now.  He really makes our lives worthwhile, and we both just can't get enough of him.  I started crying today just thinking about it.  He's the best thing ever, and he makes everyday better, even sick days.

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Molly said...

That is pretty common in the eating department. My son, Fletcher was the same way (and still is at 18 months) as JJ at that age. They are learning they can pick and choose and love to give their opinion. Fletcher's favorite food is yogurt, but this week he has decided he isn't that into it. Kids!

JJ is so cute!