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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grace in Parenting

Grace in parenting.
Even though I've been caring for children for years, I've only been a parent for about 21 months.  And 7 days.  But who's counting?  Anyway, the experience I had definitely prepared me for being a Mom, but being "The Mom" is a whole 'nother ballgame.  Any parent will tell you it's about making mistakes as you go.  You pray, you learn, you try, you mess up, you get up tomorrow and try again.  They don't, as the saying goes, come with instruction manuals.
But I've really been thinking a lot about being a parent, and how God 'parents' us.  I'm the type who wants to speak and have immediate obedience.  No excuses, no tardiness, I say it, you do it.  And I do think it's important to have obedient children.  But let's stop and think a second.  If God is our Father, as an example of how we should parent...are we really reflecting the characteristics that he is showing to us? 
God gives us such grace.  He understand that we're going to mess up.  He allows us to make mistakes and learn from them, if it's what we choose to do.  He wants what's best for us, but isn't rude or condescending when we make a bad choice. 
What would this world be like if we treated our children the way God treats us? 
This isn't really something I have perfected.  Ha!  Like I said, I'm still basically a new parent.  The issues we've encountered so far won't hold a candle to the things we'll face in the years to come.  But this is something I'm going to think about a lot and try to put into practice.  Instead of my first reaction being something negative, I might give an extra chance.  Another option.  A hug instead of a swat.  Understanding instead of annoyance.

After all, where would I be without the grace God has given to me?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super Who?

Super Why, that's who!
For Halloween JJ dressed as his favorite character from his favorite TV show, Super Why.
From Super Why, JJ has learned letters.  He can already identify i, Ee, N, Mm, Oo, Tt and Ss...maybe more, that's all I can think of right now!  It's seriously such a great show!
And he couldn't possibly be cuter!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


As we brace for impact, this weekend is no doubt full of prep and battening down of hatches.  Whatever hatches are.  I'm definitely not high-strung when it comes to storms, flooding and power outages, but having a little one around changes things slightly.  And of course, being married to a volunteer fire chief means I could quite possibly be braving the storm solo.
So here's my little list of what you need, what needs to be done, basically just an exhaustive list of hurricane prep.  Seriously, if it's not on this list, forget about it.  You don't need it. 
  • Water.  You've gotta have water for drinking, flushing and bathing.  So stick some bowls and buckets outside (or inside, if you have a leaky roof) and you'll be sure to collect plenty of water for these uses.
  • Food.  If you're perchance trapped in the house for any period of time, you gotta eat!  Make sure you have plenty of candy on hand to keep your (and your kids!) energy up.  Chips, cookies and the like will also keep well and supply you with what your body needs.  Once you have all these staples, you could also stock up on fruit, vegetables, bread, peanut butter, canned food and other things...if you want. 
  • Batteries.  Can you imagine being trapped in your house and the video games don't work?!  I know.  True nightmare.  Charge up the iPhones, iPads and iEverythings.  Make sure there are extra batteries for the laptop and DS.  It may even be worth it to go out and buy a generator so the PS3 and XBox will still be functioning.  If  you've got a little extra money, it may be a good idea to stock up on batteries for flashlights and radios.  But ya know...whatever.  Use your own judgement there.
  • Battening of Hatches.  batten down the / one's hatches:
    a. Nautical . prepare for stormy weather: used as a command.
    b. to prepare to meet an emergency or face a great difficulty: The government must batten down its hatches before the election.  ----okay, there's the official definition of that phrase.  What does this mean to you?  It means you must update your will, make sure your house is spotless from top to bottom and cover any portholes that you may have with, um, battens.

And just by following these simple steps, you can be ensured of a grand old hurricane time.  Or you can do like I'm gonna and take the little one and head to your parents house.  They've been battening longer than I have.  I'm sure it's safer there.  :)
Stay safe, everyone!

Friday, October 26, 2012


the house is trashed.

Yesterday I went downhill fast.  Faster as the day went on.  Throat hurting, lots of coughing, just generally feeling lousy.  I spent the evening on the couch, and somehow managed to make it in to the bedroom when it was time for bed.
Today I ran a couple necessary errands, then spent the rest of the day on the couch.  I'm so grateful for a very good little boy who is happy to just play.  He kept bringing toys over to me and just putting them next to me while I laid on the couch.  Love that kid.
John was home for dinner.  He picked up a pizza then had to go out tonight.  Once again, I assumed position on the couch and JJ just played around me.  He did funny stuff, did his cute little giggle and grin...we cuddled and watched Super Why, then he went to bed.
and the house is trashed.
maybe i'll clean it tomorrow.
if i make it off the couch.

Friday, October 5, 2012

boring days

Sometimes a boring day at home is just what you need.
My accomplishments today include washing dishes, vacuuming the living room and taking care of JJ. 
I know, I should really take it easy and try not to work so hard.
But today was John's day off and it's more fun to just hang out anyway.

And right now JJ is watching Super Why on Netflix. 
Sometimes a boring day at home is just what you need.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Manners are always of utmost importance at our house.  Above all else, you must always conduct yourself in a manner worthy of entertaining the most proper of the proper, even if that means the royal family itself.
Or not.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

what I wish for most

You start off with dreams.  Ideas of who your child will be.  And despite what I may have wanted to admit, I'll admit the truth.  All I wanted was a healthy child, one without deformity or disability.  One that could make it easily through life.
When I think of my little boy in his school years, I'll be honest.  What I imagined for him was popularity.  Sports.  Smart enough to do well.  Handsome (of course!)  My main desire?  That he would fit in.  That he would have friends.  That he would be 'normal'. 
Things have changed since I've spent the past year and a half raising this boy.  I have changed.
Now what do I want for JJ? 
I want for him to be a friend.  A friend to everyone.  A friend to the friendless, the popular, the different, the outcast, the disabled, the friendly, the new kid, the shy kid, the jock.
I want for him to stand up.  To stand up for himself, for what he believes in, for those who can't stand up for themselves.  To speak for those who can't, or won't, even when it's not the popular thing to do.  To stand up to those doing wrong, not caring what they think of him. 
I want him to have compassion.  To not judge a person by their circumstances or their choices.  To really see the inner good in everyone.  To care, to love.  To ache over the hurt of others.
I want him to try.  Try and succeed, try and fail.  Either way is okay with me.  Just as long as it's not a life of mediocrity, scared to make an attempt.  I want him to take the leap, even if he's scared, even if the next step isn't clear.
I've been mulling over the "Be the change you want to see in the world" quote lately.  It can cross over to so many parts of our lives.  Be the change you want to see in your church.  Be the change you want to see in your family.  I'm well aware that who JJ is yet to become depends largely on what he sees and experiences.  Am I a friend?  Do I stand up for those who don't have a voice?  Do I live my life with compassion?  Am I willing to step out in faith and try, even when the pathway is shadowed and dim?
I don't have it all figured out yet.  Obviously.  But my prayers have changed.  I pray for JJ in new ways now.  I can only hope I'm doing what I need to in order to instill in him the things I desire to see.  Time will tell.  And I can't wait to see the boy and man he becomes.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dinosaur Train

After an amazingly sucessful 5K/Walk N Roll today, it was out to dinner for us.  (Of course inbetween there it was also naptime for everyone, no exceptions!)  John decided on Dinosaur BBQ since we still hadn't been!
I want to go back.  The food was so good.  My particular favorite was their homemade ranch (I think) dipping sauce.  It actually came on JJ's plate, for his chicken fingers.  I swiped it for dipping my fries.  Oh, yum.  So good.  I want more.
One of JJ's latest things is dipping.  He likes to dip his fries and nuggets in ketchup now.  And he's actually pretty good about taking a bite of whatever he's eating, and not just licking the ketchup off.  Well about halfway through dinner, I look over and he's watching his big cousin dip her fingers in the ketchup and lick them off.  Next thing I know, he's doing the same thing.  Hilarious!  I said, "Livy, you're teaching JJ bad habits!"
A few minutes later, Olivia was scolded for something...I don't even remember what.  And what was her response to Mommy?  "But Mommy, I can't stop, I'm teaching JJ bad rabbits!"
Kids are hilarious.
And I don't know how often Dino BBQ has live music, but they did tonight.  The kids had a great time dancing and putting money in the guitar case for about 15 minutes!  The guy singing tonight...wish I could remember his name...he was really good!  Sang an original song (I Do was the name of it...I think) and I found myself singing along!  Definitely had great talent, hope he gets a big break!

Monday, August 20, 2012

the stairs

Our upstairs is basically unused.  Except for storage.  There are 2 bedrooms and a half bath up there, but we don't use them.  All we do is store stuff.  There are 2 twin-sized beds upstairs.  Lots and lots of blankets.  Christmas stuff.  Baby stuff.  Diamond Dogs stuff.  Craft and sewing stuff.  Holiday/seasonal stuff.  Computer printer, desk, extra kitchen stuff, pictures, cards (I rarely throw one out) lots of's a mess.

And the stairs leading up there?  Well, if I have something that needs to go up, it gets put on the stairs.  There's a door, so I just close it.  And the stairs accumulate more, and more, and, well, you can probably picture it.  Are you picturing it?  Picture it worse.  It was really bad.  So today I tackled it, and it honestly didn't take me too long.

There was lots of stuff on the stairs.  Easter egg dying kits.  Christmas cards.  (For real!)  Random baby clothes.  Little paintbrushes.  Christmas ornaments.  Sudoku books.  A box of Q-Tips.  It was dangerous to try and climb them.  And with my fire fighter hubby...well, let's just say I know better than to let it get like that!

In the midst of all of this, I came across a stack of cards.  This stack of cards has been moved from place to place in our house, but I didn't realize they were on the stairs.  I knew right away when I saw them what they were.  I opened the first one.  It was a "Congratulations!  A new baby is on the way!" kind of card.  The date inscribed inside was November 2008.  The next card I opened was a condolence card.  With the same date written inside.  I considered just putting the stack aside and dealing with it later...but instead I grabbed the cards and sat down in the living room.

I read through each one of those cards.  Some congraulations, but most condolence.  My first pregnancy, ending because it was ectopic.  I was surprised at the range of people that sent me cards.  Everyone from family, to friends, to church family, to co-workers, to parents from Pineview...sharing in my sorrow, believing and hoping for the future, offering a shoulder to cry on, sharing their own stories of loss.  I cried through most of them.

Even though the losses I suffered have most definitely been soothed by having JJ here to love and hold, there are times when I cry.  Times when I just sit and mourn.  You see, even though it has made it easier, it's also made it harder.  Because now I know.  I'm experiencing life with JJ, and I know what I'm missing out on with my other babies.  So every once in awhile, I give in to those emotions and I just cry. 

I can't believe it's been almost 4 years.  It doesn't seem possible.  But God has been faithful, and He does keep His promises!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

..a little update..

Time to write, but nothing to say.

Lots to say, but no time to write.

Seems to be the story of my life lately.  Deep thoughts escape me when I actually get the chance to sit down and type.  So here goes the superficial what's-been-goin'-on lowdown.

This little boy...

...yes, him.  He's pretty much the best ever.  We're quite smitten.  And we're definitely the 'our kid is the cutest, smartest, best kid ever' type of parents.  Lately he's been walking so fast he's almost running.  Especially when Daddy is chasing him!  He loves to play with toys, as well as anything that isn't a toy.  Trucks and balls are his favorite, and book reading has become a favorite as of late also.

Before bed JJ has a new routine, now that bottles are a thing of the past.  (He was still getting a nighttime bottle until just a little while ago...Mommy couldn't give it up:)  He gets a snack and drink, then brushes his teeth.  If it's a bath night, he gets a tubby.  Then into his pj's he goes.  We read a book together (always the same book) then he goes to bed.  Still has his binky at bedtime (and naptime) but I'm ok with that.  I'm thinking maybe at 18 months we'll try to give it up.  Or maybe not.

He's a picky, picky eater!!!  Very frustrating for me.  I try to do what I know I should (give him what we're eating, and don't make something special for him) but the kid doesn't like anything.  No chicken, no beef, no soup, very limited vegetables.  What he does like?  Nutri-Grain bars, yogurt, crackers, bread, most fruit...but anything can change at any given moment.  Hit or miss things are broccoli, cucumber, cheese, tomato...and a variety of other things.

This summer has been fun with lots of swimming at Grammy & Grampy's, playing with cousins, learning to swing a bat, playing in the backyard, and just plain having fun.  Oh yeah, JJ has something else he loves to play with now:

Yes, he loves the iPhone.  In particular, the PBS Kids app.  Who wouldn't love watching SuperWhy at any time of the day or night?!

That there is a boy that needs a haircut!

And somebody needs to start taking picture of Mommy with the boy!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


The time has come. 

JJ does some pretty cute stuff now-a-days.  Lots of it I think it probably only cute to me in that "he's-my-kid-so-every-move-he-makes-is-cute" kind of way.  And I know everyone says their kid is the cutest, and everyone says that everyone says it...but you don't understand.  It's really true in our case.

So I've decided to start writing some of the cute things JJ does for 3 reasons: So I won't forget; Because he really is the cutest thing ever; And...oh yeah, he's adorable.

Tonight I was running out to grab some McDonalds for dinner.  I grabbed my wallet, phone and keys.  JJ saw what I had in my hands and he left the kitchen headed for the living room.  I didn't know what he was doing, but I thought he might want to come with me (and I was hoping for a fast trip) so I hurried out the door.  Right as I was closing the door behind me I saw him reappear in the kitchen carrying my purse.  He knew I needed it if I was leaving the house!  !!!  I had to open the door back up and give him a big kiss because he's so smart and oh-so-cute!!

Whenever JJ sees something he wants (usually food!) he stands there signing "please" until he gets it!  So cute!  He did it in the grocery store today too!  (He did not get what he was asking for - haha!)

JJ knows what to do with an iPhone now.  He pushes the button to make the screen come on, and tries to swipe his finger across.  It is so cute!

July 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

..this face..

When I see this face...

I can't help but remember...

That God always keeps his promises.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

Thursday, May 17, 2012

.other shoes.

After experiencing a few days of horrible, no good, awful (physical) pain, I've come to a conclusion.  I've actually come to this conclusion before.  More than once.  Like whenever I reflect on difficult times in my life.  Or when someone else's trials become known to me.  Or when I hear Otis Redding suggesting that a little tenderness just might be the antidote.

What conclusion do I come to, you ask?  I think it can all be wrapped up in one word.  Actually, there are a few words.  But the one that keeps coming to my mind recently is compassion. 

Compassion.  I think it should be my year word.  Ya' know, the one I want to focus on for the year. 

So I'm a little late.  I'm sure you're already aware of what a procrastinator I am.

I guess grace would be a good word too, now that I think about it. 

My main point I guess is that age-old saying about walking a mile in someone elses' shoes.  You don't know by looking at someone what they're going through.  True, there are those who wear their emotions on their sleeves, and love to let you know just how miserable their life is.  But think of all those you pass each day.  Those people you work with.  The cashiers you come in contact with.  Fellow shoppers, drivers, restaurant-goers or even family members.  So many carry silent pain, whether physical, emotional, whatever. 

So instead of honking at that driver who didn't go right away when the light turned green, maybe take the time to realize that she couldn't see the light turn through her tears.  Instead of being frustrated that your neighbor still hasn't mowed his lawn, consider doing it for him.  Instead of swearing at that person who just cut you off, think about the fact that she could be rushing to the hospital to be at the bedside of someone she loves.  When that older person takes forever counting out change for the cashier at WalMart, take the time to consider that the conversation taking place could be the only one that older person will have all day.

I know there are jerks out there.  People who drive crazy just because.  Annoying folks who just talk your ear off.  But what does it hurt you to just have a little compassion?  What does it cost you?  Nothing.  And someday, somewhere, someone will offer you that compassion.  Thinking about others before yourself is kind of the way life is supposed to work.  So give a little grace to those around you, and always remind yourself that you don't know what burdens another person may be carrying.  Your compassion could be the only thing they need to make it through the day.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day ~ Part Two

Hello little snowman.

I can see you out my kitchen window.

Now, when I do dishes, I can look at you and be happy.

Until your little blueberry features and carrot nose are eaten away, which I'm sure won't take long.

But for now, you make me smile.

Snow Day ~ Part One

Snow pictures are hard.  Who woulda' thought?  I got a couple good shots this morning, inbetween shoving my camera into a Price Chopper grocery bag to keep it from getting too wet.  Hopefully a few drops won't hurt it. 

Luckily I looked up 'taking pictures in the snow' before I went outside.  One little tip I tried was focusing your camera first on something dark, pushing the button halfway, then turning to whatever it is you really want a picture of and pushing the button the rest of the way down.  And what do you know, it worked! 

Exhibit A:

taken in normal auto
blah, gray
(grey?  gray?  that one always gets me)

focused in on a tree trunk first, then spun around and finished the picture

Exhibit B:

again, taken in normal auto

again, focused on the dark tree trunk, then finished up on the branch

I learned something today!!!  Anybody have any more tips for a snow-picture-taking newbie??

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The snow is falling.  The most significant snowfall we've had, well, all season!  My kitchen is stocked and the Jeep is full of gas and tucked safely away in the garage.  I'm happy to stay inside and have nowhere to go.  Except for taking JJ out to play, which happened just a little while ago.  I layered him up and pulled him around the yard in a laundry basket.  He loved it, Zoe chased us around, then it was naptime.

We're all over the sickness that descended upon our house last week.  Everyone is happy and healthy right now.  And speaking of happy, our little boy is the happiest little boy ever!  And one of the messiest!

He also must be in the throws of a growth spurt.  Lots of eating and lots of sleeping!  This morning, the breakfast that JJ and I usually split, went solely to him.  If this is a sign of things to come, I think he's going to eat us into the poor house!  Seriously, between last night and this morning, it's like he can't get enough to eat!  We'll see how he likes the enchiladas for dinner tonight!

I'm pondering the dilemma of wanting to get some 'snow' pictures with my new camera yet not wanting to get my new camera wet.  Hmmm...

JJ and I did a huge grocery day on Monday.  Lots of coupons and sales.  Between ShopRite and Price Chopper I spent $128.10 and saved $137.88.  I have meals for probably about a month, as well as breakfast, snack and lunch stuff.  It was an awesome day and JJ was a real trooper.  One and a half hours out at ShopRite, home for a nap, then an hour out at Price Chopper!  Won't have to do that again for awhile!  It's nice to have tons of food in the house, and to have my menu made up.  The worst part of cooking is trying to figure out what to make.  This way, it's already decided for me ahead of time.  Love doing that.

Now I need to finish up some laundry and dishes.  But I'm so tired, I just feel like taking a little nap while JJ takes his nap.  Isn't that what they say to do?  Sleep when the baby sleeps?  He still qualifies as a baby, right?  At least for a few more weeks...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eleven (?!?!) Months

Food is not going quite as well as before; and I don't really know why!  One day he'll love something, the next day it's on the floor.  (Literally.  Something we're working on.)  So every day is hit or miss.  Some new things that he's had and really usually loves are kiwi, watermelon, peaches, apple butter, toast and NutriGrain bars.  He still gets formula 4 times a day, and I cannot wait until we can switch to milk!!

Not much to say here.  Amazing sleeper, that boy is.  Even when he's sick he's a great sleeper.  The mysterious 'sleeping cough' he had at the time of his last update evolved into an 'all the time' cough and required a trip to the doctor...his first ever sick child visit.  He got an antibiotic and after a few days, it cleared up.

There is something funny he does at nap time now.  I lay him down and cover him, and before I'm even out of the room he's standing up and pulling on his mobile.  He loves it and thinks it's so funny.  It usually takes about 15 minutes before he gives up and falls asleep. 

Playing & Developing
He is all over the place.  I know I've said that before, but now I really mean it!  The bathroom door and our bedroom door are always closed.  We have a gate we occasionally put up blocking the laundry room so he won't go play in Zoe's water dish.  He crawls like a pro, pulls up on everything, including walls and Zoe, and he cruises along furniture all the time now.  He'll even stand for a second or so at a time.  I can't believe how much he's changed in a month.  We bought him a new toy that he can push and walk behind.  He loves it!  He still likes lots of his other toys, as well as lots of our stuff.  The phone, remote, they're still favorites, as well as empty boxes, utensils, etc.  He loves to clap and talk. 

We're definitely starting to see JJ's determination and stubbornness!  Now the real work begins: trying to guide him while not breaking that drive that we see.  It can be frustrating at times.  Like when he touches the floor lamp that he's not supposed to touch for the tenth time in a row, then looks at me to see what I'm going to do about it.  He's a little stinker.  He also gets into these phases where he pulls on Zoe's fur and does not want to stop.  So we're just trying to be consistent with him and show him the right way to do things.  Sometimes he gets a little hand slap, but that doesn't seem to phase him in the least. 

No well child visit until one year, but when we had his sick visit, he was actually down a little bit for weight.  I'm pretty sure that's because of his non-stop activity level!  To be expected.  Unfortunately, JJ had the stomach bug this week.  He threw up twice.  Even more unfortunately, Mommy & Daddy both got it as well, and were laid up much longer than JJ.  (I still am not fully recovered.)  It was his first time throwing up, and it wasn't too bad.  Except that he threw up all over me.  I'm hoping that's the worst of the sickness for this season. 

I said to John today, can you believe in only one month he's going to be One?!  I honestly can't believe we've had him in our lives for almost a full year now.  He really makes our lives worthwhile, and we both just can't get enough of him.  I started crying today just thinking about it.  He's the best thing ever, and he makes everyday better, even sick days.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

...still here...

I'm still here.  I've just been busy.

My little man is on the move, and he never stops!  I've been so busy just chasing after him and trying to keep the house clean!  He's more and more fun everyday; I can't believe how much I love him.  He keeps us laughing, as well as sighing, and there's lots of "no!" coming out of our mouths these days!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't Forget

The way he loves to have something in his mouth when he's crawling around the house.  A wooden spoon.  His tylenol container.  Lotion.  Various toys.  May not be the safest thing...but it's so cute.

How he crawls away from me when it's time to get out of the tubby.  We have shower doors, so he crawls to the far end and looks back at me and smiles.  Little stinker.

His naughty little habit of pulling Zoe's hair out.  We have such a good dog.

The binky game we play, when he puts it in my mouth, then grabs it back and puts it in his own mouth.

The way he laughs.  It's just too cute.

The way he claps his hands.

How he loves to turn off light switches.  I'll turn lights on, just so he can turn them off.

How he buries his head in Clifford.  He loves him.

How he sits up at naptime, then just lays his head down on his legs and falls asleep. Flexible little thing!

The mad dash when he see the fridge door open.  He wants to play in there sooo badly.

That long tuft of hair.  That will be gone today.

How he loves to crawl into our room and play with Daddy's dresser.  Even when it's pitch black in there.  Even when Daddy is snoring away in the bed.

The face he makes when he tries a new food.  (Mandarin oranges, especially.)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

looking for a burger

we're number one!

silly sleeper

i love clifford!

love this <3

love this too :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ten Months!

Once again, another month has come and gone, and I'm blown away by how fast it really does go!

Some new foods JJ has tried: couscous, chicken, broccoli, pasta, bread & jelly, quesadillas, grilled cheese, tomato soup...he likes lots of stuff!  He still likes baby food a lot, and when he was sick last week he mainly wanted only that.  He still loves his bottle, and he's doing well with water in a sippy cup. He also loves Gerber snacks...puffs, sticks (especially the cinnamon maple!) and wagon wheels.

Still great.  He's developed this cough he only does when he's sleeping.  I'm thinking either allergies or asthma.  His pediatrician thinks (from his last appointment) that he might have allergies.  So I put a humidifier in his room, and it seems to be helping!  Hopefully we can make it to his next appointment, and figure out what to do next!  He still sleeps great though, taking his 2 naps a day, and sleeping all night.  Last night he even feel asleep during his before bed bottle...he hasn't fallen asleep on me in a looong time.  I enjoyed it.  :)  He moves all over in his bed now, and if he does happen to sit up, sometimes he just leans forward and falls back to sleep that way.  Silly head!

This kid is all over the place.  And I love it!  Sometimes he listens well to us, other times not at all.  He loves to play in the laundry room, the bathroom and his bedroom.  He pulls himself up, mostly to his knees, sometimes to his feet.  He loves his toys, but it seems his favorite toy is Zoe.  He enjoys pulling her fur out.  Luckily, Zoe is a good, easy-going dog!  JJ loves his blanket and his Clifford.  His favorite toys are still those things that don't belong to him!  (Tupperware, remotes, phones, cords, computers.)

JJ will hold a phone up to the side of his head like he's talking into it.  When did he learn this?!  He has 6 teeth!  He pulls up, and will take some very unsteady steps if we're holding his hands.  I've been trying to teach him 'more' and 'all done' in sign language forever.  I think he's clapping for more and waving bye bye with both hands for all done.  Oh well, at least he's starting to get it!  He has been a little cranky/clingy the past couple days, but I think it may have to do with teeth. 

No doctor appointment until 1 year.  JJ did have a few days of fever last week.  No other symptoms, really, he ate and drank fine.  Just a fever of up to 103.  With Tylenol, you wouldn't even know anything was wrong.  We're so blessed with our special little boy.



Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

Mommy's making dinner, Daddy's in the shower, JJ is in his room playing and reading books

grilled cheese is a winner!  (and yes the shirt and bib are both NY sports teams...)