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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't Forget

The way he loves to have something in his mouth when he's crawling around the house.  A wooden spoon.  His tylenol container.  Lotion.  Various toys.  May not be the safest thing...but it's so cute.

How he crawls away from me when it's time to get out of the tubby.  We have shower doors, so he crawls to the far end and looks back at me and smiles.  Little stinker.

His naughty little habit of pulling Zoe's hair out.  We have such a good dog.

The binky game we play, when he puts it in my mouth, then grabs it back and puts it in his own mouth.

The way he laughs.  It's just too cute.

The way he claps his hands.

How he loves to turn off light switches.  I'll turn lights on, just so he can turn them off.

How he buries his head in Clifford.  He loves him.

How he sits up at naptime, then just lays his head down on his legs and falls asleep. Flexible little thing!

The mad dash when he see the fridge door open.  He wants to play in there sooo badly.

That long tuft of hair.  That will be gone today.

How he loves to crawl into our room and play with Daddy's dresser.  Even when it's pitch black in there.  Even when Daddy is snoring away in the bed.

The face he makes when he tries a new food.  (Mandarin oranges, especially.)

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