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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ten Months!

Once again, another month has come and gone, and I'm blown away by how fast it really does go!

Some new foods JJ has tried: couscous, chicken, broccoli, pasta, bread & jelly, quesadillas, grilled cheese, tomato soup...he likes lots of stuff!  He still likes baby food a lot, and when he was sick last week he mainly wanted only that.  He still loves his bottle, and he's doing well with water in a sippy cup. He also loves Gerber snacks...puffs, sticks (especially the cinnamon maple!) and wagon wheels.

Still great.  He's developed this cough he only does when he's sleeping.  I'm thinking either allergies or asthma.  His pediatrician thinks (from his last appointment) that he might have allergies.  So I put a humidifier in his room, and it seems to be helping!  Hopefully we can make it to his next appointment, and figure out what to do next!  He still sleeps great though, taking his 2 naps a day, and sleeping all night.  Last night he even feel asleep during his before bed bottle...he hasn't fallen asleep on me in a looong time.  I enjoyed it.  :)  He moves all over in his bed now, and if he does happen to sit up, sometimes he just leans forward and falls back to sleep that way.  Silly head!

This kid is all over the place.  And I love it!  Sometimes he listens well to us, other times not at all.  He loves to play in the laundry room, the bathroom and his bedroom.  He pulls himself up, mostly to his knees, sometimes to his feet.  He loves his toys, but it seems his favorite toy is Zoe.  He enjoys pulling her fur out.  Luckily, Zoe is a good, easy-going dog!  JJ loves his blanket and his Clifford.  His favorite toys are still those things that don't belong to him!  (Tupperware, remotes, phones, cords, computers.)

JJ will hold a phone up to the side of his head like he's talking into it.  When did he learn this?!  He has 6 teeth!  He pulls up, and will take some very unsteady steps if we're holding his hands.  I've been trying to teach him 'more' and 'all done' in sign language forever.  I think he's clapping for more and waving bye bye with both hands for all done.  Oh well, at least he's starting to get it!  He has been a little cranky/clingy the past couple days, but I think it may have to do with teeth. 

No doctor appointment until 1 year.  JJ did have a few days of fever last week.  No other symptoms, really, he ate and drank fine.  Just a fever of up to 103.  With Tylenol, you wouldn't even know anything was wrong.  We're so blessed with our special little boy.




Lydia said...

I love the pic of him elbowing the giraffe out of the way!

Lynn said...

That's my favorite too!!

Allie Quivey said...

lydia said what i was going to say!! haha the pictures are so cute!

Lynn said...

Thanks! As he gets older it gets more and more difficult to get a picture of him sitting still!!

Rachel said...

Haha. I like the elbow too.