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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

..a little update..

Time to write, but nothing to say.

Lots to say, but no time to write.

Seems to be the story of my life lately.  Deep thoughts escape me when I actually get the chance to sit down and type.  So here goes the superficial what's-been-goin'-on lowdown.

This little boy...

...yes, him.  He's pretty much the best ever.  We're quite smitten.  And we're definitely the 'our kid is the cutest, smartest, best kid ever' type of parents.  Lately he's been walking so fast he's almost running.  Especially when Daddy is chasing him!  He loves to play with toys, as well as anything that isn't a toy.  Trucks and balls are his favorite, and book reading has become a favorite as of late also.

Before bed JJ has a new routine, now that bottles are a thing of the past.  (He was still getting a nighttime bottle until just a little while ago...Mommy couldn't give it up:)  He gets a snack and drink, then brushes his teeth.  If it's a bath night, he gets a tubby.  Then into his pj's he goes.  We read a book together (always the same book) then he goes to bed.  Still has his binky at bedtime (and naptime) but I'm ok with that.  I'm thinking maybe at 18 months we'll try to give it up.  Or maybe not.

He's a picky, picky eater!!!  Very frustrating for me.  I try to do what I know I should (give him what we're eating, and don't make something special for him) but the kid doesn't like anything.  No chicken, no beef, no soup, very limited vegetables.  What he does like?  Nutri-Grain bars, yogurt, crackers, bread, most fruit...but anything can change at any given moment.  Hit or miss things are broccoli, cucumber, cheese, tomato...and a variety of other things.

This summer has been fun with lots of swimming at Grammy & Grampy's, playing with cousins, learning to swing a bat, playing in the backyard, and just plain having fun.  Oh yeah, JJ has something else he loves to play with now:

Yes, he loves the iPhone.  In particular, the PBS Kids app.  Who wouldn't love watching SuperWhy at any time of the day or night?!

That there is a boy that needs a haircut!

And somebody needs to start taking picture of Mommy with the boy!


Jonnie Fry said...

'Bout time we got an update!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this informative blog of jj too cute if i could get Onja off the bink that would be great :)