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Sunday, July 22, 2012


The time has come. 

JJ does some pretty cute stuff now-a-days.  Lots of it I think it probably only cute to me in that "he's-my-kid-so-every-move-he-makes-is-cute" kind of way.  And I know everyone says their kid is the cutest, and everyone says that everyone says it...but you don't understand.  It's really true in our case.

So I've decided to start writing some of the cute things JJ does for 3 reasons: So I won't forget; Because he really is the cutest thing ever; And...oh yeah, he's adorable.

Tonight I was running out to grab some McDonalds for dinner.  I grabbed my wallet, phone and keys.  JJ saw what I had in my hands and he left the kitchen headed for the living room.  I didn't know what he was doing, but I thought he might want to come with me (and I was hoping for a fast trip) so I hurried out the door.  Right as I was closing the door behind me I saw him reappear in the kitchen carrying my purse.  He knew I needed it if I was leaving the house!  !!!  I had to open the door back up and give him a big kiss because he's so smart and oh-so-cute!!

Whenever JJ sees something he wants (usually food!) he stands there signing "please" until he gets it!  So cute!  He did it in the grocery store today too!  (He did not get what he was asking for - haha!)

JJ knows what to do with an iPhone now.  He pushes the button to make the screen come on, and tries to swipe his finger across.  It is so cute!

July 2012

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