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Saturday, December 26, 2009

birthday list

I was blessed this Christmas.  Very blessed.  I got lots of great gifts, and much of what I got, was what I had asked for!

So, not to sound too greedy or anything...but yesterday I was asked what I wanted for my birthday.  So here's a small list.

  • A hair dryer.  I didn't get one for Christmas, and mine died this month, remember?
  • A ring clip.  I've heard you can get them at a jeweler, and it holds your rings together.  Mine are always getting twisted around.  I don't think they're too expensive.
  • A new Nalgene bottle.  Preferably one with a small opening, not the large one.
  • Clothes are still good.  Clothes are always good.
  • Gift cards are always good too.  Old Navy, iTunes, etc.
And while we're on the subject of my birthday...I'd just like the world to know that this will be my last official birthday.  Henceforth, birthdays (of mine) will not be celebrated.  I will stay in my 20's forever.


Anonymous said...

your hair is crazy long!! how about a free hair cut/trim for your birthday...if you can some how guess who this is ;)

Lynn said...

I've been meaning to call you forever. I think I'm going to keep it longer now (because I obviously can't keep up with a short hairstyle!) but I still BADLY need a trim. I'll be contacting you. But not a free hair cut! Thanks anyway. :)