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Monday, December 7, 2009

in our hearts

I was going to wait to post this as my final ornament.  Then I realized that would be on Christmas day.  And I know I'll be sad enough as it is this Christmas.  No need to add this to my torture.

So this is my ornament for December 6th, a day late.  I'll post my seventh ornament tonight.  Isn't this a beautiful angel?

This angel was a gift from Amy, Dave, Caleb & Zach.  They gave it to me last year at my parent's house a few weeks before Christmas.  As soon as I opened it, I knew its significance.  I immediately teared up.  I had wanted something to remember my baby by at Christmas.  It was a very difficult holiday season last year.  Definitely wish I wasn't repeating it this year.

Amy told me if it was too difficult to put it up last year, to not feel like I had to.  But she has an ornament in memory of her baby in Heaven as well. 

As soon as I got home, I put the ornament on the already-decorated tree.  It's so special to me. 

Last year, it was the last ornament placed on the tree. 

This year it was the first.

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