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Saturday, December 26, 2009

no pictures


Not to be all bah-humbugy or anything.  But I'm so glad that Christmas is over.  I'm fighting the urge to start undecorating right now.  The only reason the stuff is staying up is because my birthday party is tomorrow night and I want everyone to see our house all decorated!

I took no pictures on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I don't know why.  I thought about it, but just didn't feel like pulling out my camera.  I'll have to beg, borrow and steal (from facebook!) pictures from my family. 

Christmas Eve we spent with John's family, eating a delicious dinner, opening our gifts and playing games.  We had such a great time.  Unfortunately, John had to work from 11pm until 8am.  He then went to a fire investigation while I had breakfast with my parents, grandma and Granny T on Christmas Day.  Everyone came to my parent's house around noon and we opened a mountain of gifts!!  We then had another delicious meal.  John left shortly after to try and catch a few winks before the Stone Family Christmas that evening.

All-in-all John got about 2, maybe 2 and a half hours of sleep yesterday.  And not all together!  He got home this morning around 7:30 and is now snoring away.  My poor baby.

Even though Christmas is over, the next few days are still chock full of stuff.  Party at 6 tonight.  Birthday party tomorrow night.  Wicked at 8pm on Monday.  Day off Tuesday (for my birthday!) but Nuzback Christmas get-together that night.  Wednesday night, nothing, but then Thursday is New Year's Eve already!

Today's plans are cleaning, laundry and relaxing.  I've been so busy the past several days I've had no time to just sit and enjoy the quiet.  Probably part of my breakdown on Christmas Eve night.  I did have a wonderful Christmas day though, so thank you all for the prayers.  I know that's how I got through!

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