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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Five Days 'til Christmas

December 20, 2009
Location: my house

Me: (drying hair in bathroom)

John: "zzzzzzzz"

the hairdryer: *choke* (silence)

Me: (tiptoeing into our bedroom) "John?"

John: "grunt"

Me: "Did you get me a hair dryer for Christmas?"

John: "I don't know"


Me: "You don't know?"

John: "Ummm...I can't remember."

Me: "So that's a no?"

John: "Yeah, I don't think I got you one."

Me: (wrought with disappointment) "Okay."

Thus, the half wet/half dry hairstyle I'm trying out today for church.  Please don't laugh at me.


Anonymous said...

Ok.. The script thing is just very funny.. Can't wait for part 2. Does John go out and get one or not?? lol

Amber Jones said...

If you buy it you get to pick it out...just sayin...

Lynn said...

We'll see what happens. I already had one on my list, because I knew mine was old. Didn't know it would just suddenly STOP! So if I don't get one for Christmas or my birthday, I'll buy one myself. :)

Lynn said...

I got a hair dryer (from John) for my birthday. :)