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Friday, January 1, 2010

I do hereby resolve...

There is nothing like a fresh start.

What is it about the flip of a calendar page that makes me feel as though I can conquer anything?

Why is it that I put things off (starting in October) and file them under my 'things to do in the new year' list?

Regardless of the emotions and procrastination that order my life, there is nothing like a fresh start.

So, on the advice of a as of yet no longer anonymous commenter, I've decided to run a poll of sorts.  What would you like to see me do in the new year?

Have a baby.  Ha!  Everybody better vote for this one.  And pray for this one!

Keep up with correspondence.  Well, mainly thank you notes and the like.  I'm horrible at that!

Eat healthy.  We eat way too much crap.  We eat out too often.  I'm doing this regardless of whether or not people vote for it.  :)  More home cooking, especially with my new George Foreman.

Exercise.  I don't want to put this one on here, because I don't want to do it.  So please, pretty please, don't vote for this one.

Read.  In particular, the Bible.  I've been really slacking in that area.

Clean.  Or should I say, keeping up with cleaning.  I do well for awhile, then it seems all of a sudden (even though I know it can't be all of a sudden) my house is in shambles.  I think my New Year's resolution should be to get a maid.

Quit the credit cards.  I've been doing better, but every once in awhile I use one.  It gives me chills just thinking about it.  Should I cut them all up?

Maybe...take a photography class?  I've wanted to do this for awhile.  Who wants to take one with me??

Blog, atleast every other day.  I've been more consistent lately, but there have been months (see: March 2009) where I've only blogged once.  Not good.

So I don't know if this is really a list of resolutions, as much as it is a list of things I don't do that I wish I did.  Or things I do do that I wish I didn't.  Ha.  Regardless, I'd like your input.  Where should I focus my attention?  What should I zero in on 'improving' in this new year?  Vote for a couple in the comments and stay tuned to hear how I'm doing!

Happy New Year!!


D.E.B. said...

hmmm. I say number 1 would be have a baby!! would love for you to have a baby. so also that means I would vote for eat healthy. thats what I want to do too. we are a crap eating family over here so we need to do that.

hmmm. I am trying to remember what I just read. oh year I like the blog more I love to read other peoples blogs and the read the bible more too. I guess we all need to do that

i want to blog more. I am hoping to do at least two blogs today cause there is so much for me to put down but anways I hope you get some good votes.

Kristi said...

As most people are going to write, I hope that you have a baby.

Photography class...I would love to take one now that I have a new camera. Let me know if you find a good class to take and then maybe we can take one together when I get home.

Credit cards...get rid of all but one of them. We only have one, and I mostly use it for gas.

Hope you have a wonderful year.

Chris Stanley said...

Certainly number 1. Maybe 2 kids this year. That would be fun and you deserve it.

We can all use more of 3-5 and most of us could go for 6, so I'll vote for those.

Once you have the kids, you won't have time for photography, so it's now or never.

I vote for one more -- have a great year.

Scotto said...

Baby- Without a doubt..

Bible- Book of John is a great read.

As for eating and working out most people make the mistake of trying to go 100mph to start working out or cold turkey on the junk. This is the reason most fail to stick with it.. Eating right and working out is mental focus. It's understanding your triggers, bad days, and backup plans when your schedule goes out the window (and it will). For anyone reading this here are some tips to start the Year out Light:

1: Water.. don't poo poo this. 8-10 glasses of water a day. The first week you may pee a lot or bloat (I'll explain if anyone wants to know). Water helps you lose !!!!

2: Calories in -Calories out. YES you want to start eating better but until you have a grasp on your food it's simple math. What ever you put in you need to burn off to lose.

3: Triggers: Don't lie!!! We all have them and food is a comfort we go to most of the time. Be truthful on what triggers you to go for the ref and then plan an distraction (maybe go for a walk).

4: Partner: Always easier to lose and focus if you have a diet buddy. Someone you can call, email, vent, workout or compete with. Note: Positive only. Negative people can cause more stress.

5: DON'T give up..>> Did you know even if you only lost 1/4 of a pound per week that by next year it would be 13lbs. Plus when you lose weight slower the body is less apt to go in to rebound mode.

If anyone wants more hints, tips or program planning I'd be glad to help out..Also my wife is an all-natural nutritionist (really really smart).