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Friday, January 1, 2010

locked in

So, we totally got locked into Sears last night.

We had a yummy dinner at Delmonico's, then headed to Colonie Center with plans to see a movie.  We bought tickets for Sherlock Holmes about an hour in advance, then decided to walk around the mall for a bit.  Most of the stores were closed (the mall closed at 5pm!  what the heck?) but the bigger stores like Boscov's and Sears were still open. 

We walked into Sears at just about 6pm and were looking at some cute Giants baby outfits.  We glanced up and noticed that the huge opening that led to the mall, which we'd just walked through seconds earlier, was now covered with a huge gate. announcement saying they were closing.  No 'half way' gate to indicate closing was imminent.  We glanced around, and some worker guy said we'd have to go out downstairs into the mall.  So we followed him down the escalator, only to find that entrance was all closed up too.

So....we had to go OUTSIDE, then back in through a mall entrance.  Very weird, very annoying, very cold, and what a waste of time!

We made it back to the theater in plenty of time.  We got good seats (the theater was packed, so we were glad we got there pretty early) and enjoyed the movie.  Good movie.  We spent the rest of our New Year's Eve playing games and watching TV!

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