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Monday, May 3, 2010


Wow, it is insanely hot in our house this morning.  Like...80 degrees hot.  I should have opened more windows last night.  I just opened them now.  But it's in the 70's outside, so I don't think the temperature in the house is gonna drop too much.

It's Monday.  My house got zero attention this weekend.  Saturday was full of preparations for John's birthday, then his party.  Sunday was busy with church, a tribute to Tyler at the Rotterdam Little League park and lots of yardwork!

Now I'm looking to the week ahead: lots of Mother's Day projects at work, softball tonight and hopefully getting caught up on laundry and housework. 

My lilacs are in bloom.  Lilacs are my favorite, but my bush doesn't have very many this year.  :(  I've been told they have good years and bad years.   I guess this is a bad year for mine.

The mulch we got smells like cedar and I can smell it with the windows open. nice.

I need a maid.


Scotto said...

Great blog.. Thanks

Scotto said...

Ok.. Ahhh I thought I commented on the snapshot post?? There are days I need mapquest just to find my brain..

Lynn said...

I knew that's what you meant. :)