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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dog vs. Mole

John and I ordered Dominos last night.  As the time for the pizza to arrive got closer, we kept checking out the windows to see if the delivery guy was here yet.  He wasn't.  But there was some random guy out there, on our lawn, with his dog.  On our lawn.  Not standing on the street, with the dog on our lawn.  They were both standing on our lawn.  Strange.

Also, many (many!) people walk their dogs by our house.  I recognize most of them, just because they walk by all the time.  This guy I did not recognize at all, which I thought was a little weird.

So we're watching this guy and his dog, and John is getting annoyed that they're just standing there on our lawn.  I mean, the dog is standing completely still, face down, not moving a muscle.  I thought maybe he was having a hard time going to the bathroom.

John decided to let Zoe out because he knew she would bark at this guy and his dog.  Well before Zoe could even get in the backyard this dog ATTACKED our lawn, ripping up grass, then shoved his snout into the ground.  He pulled something out and his owner was yelling and trying to get him away from whatever it was he had pulled out of the ground.

The animal went flying and the guy continued on down the road with his murdering dog. 

John and I went out to the road to see what it was.  It was a mole, just like I thought it would be.  A quick shake of the neck was all it took for that mole to meet his demise.

But seriously.  Why would you let your dog do that?  I'm sure that guy could tell his dog was tracking something.  Not only did he kill that mole (which I'm not really sad about) but he dug up some of our lawn.  Which is not in the best shape to begin with, but it's our lawn.

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