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Saturday, May 22, 2010


I added a new feature to my blog.  Right above the posts (right under the header) you can search my blog.  I did this more for myself than anyone else.  Whenever I'm cooking I usually have my laptop out, because lots of my recipes are online.  Many of my commonly used recipes are posted in my blog.  Now, instead of trying to remember when I posted that particular recipe, I just have to type it in and click 'search'.  Ah, I love technology.

Today was a busy day.  Work day at work from 8-1, then babysitting 2-6.  Now I'm just relaxing, waiting for John to get home at 11:30!  It's a bad week as far as spending time together: I'll see him tonight for a bit, then not again until Thursday.  He's working tons of overtime and our schedules massively conflict this week.

Have I mentioned how much I love my new computer??  It's so awesome.  I haven't had tons of time to mess around with it lately, but here's a couple pictures:

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