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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today I bought a new pair of sunglasses.  They cost me $10 at Walmart.  Undoubtedly, I will break them soon.  But for now, I have sunglasses.

On my way home from work tonight, I may have been going slightly over the speed limit.  I usually do.  The longest road I take home has a 30mph speed limit.  I usually go...more than that.  Anyway, tonight was no different until I glanced down to the lower left side of my windshield.  Whoops.  My inspection is up.  *Slowly let off the accelerator*  Not a good time to get pulled over.  Hopefully that will be remedied (along with an oil change) on Thursday.

Tomorrow is John's birthday.  I'm working 7am-6pm and John's working 3pm-11pm.  :(  Sucks.  But I have his gifts (don't really know if he'll like them...) and we'll celebrate together Thursday.  I'm off, and he goes in at 3pm.  So after my oil change and inspection, we'll probably go to lunch.

Saw some guy screaming his head off at his kid tonight.  In Walmart.  Like, it literally startled me and I turned around to see what was going on.  It's like Walmart is a magnet for people who like to swear at their kids.

I accomplished a lot tonight.  Dishes, vacuuming, laundry, shopping.  More than a usual weekday night when I work.  I feel good.  :)  And now, even though it's only 9:30, I'm going to bed.



Sara said...

Sounds like a ummm interesting day ;) But I have to ask...inspection? You have to have your car inspected to be able to drive it??
Hope you have a good week!

Lynn said...

Yeah...I know that can't be just a NY thing...Every year the car has to pass inspection and you get a sticker to put on your windshield. If it's outdated (like mine!) you can get a ticket.

Sara said...

Interesting. I live in michigan and we just have to renew our liscense plate tags every year. And of course carry insurance.