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Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Caleb

Dear Caleb,

I remember the day you were born.  Clear as day!  Holding you with your goopy, yet ever so alert eyes.  Kissing your soft little cheek.  Loving on you like only an aunt can.

I remember holding you for long periods of time, just soaking in the 'babyness'.  Your sweet temperment was so evident.  It was awhile before your love of all things Thomas was so apparent though!  I remember your first birthday and how you didn't want your hands to be all dirty with frosting.  I remember always being so impressed by your fine motor skills.

I love how much Thomas makes you happy.  I love how much Zoe makes you happy.  I love hearing your voice, especially when you're repeating what I say with that sound of awe.  I love when you sing the Cheeseburger song from Veggie Tales.  I love when you quote your memory verses.  I love how smart your little 3-year-old brain is.  I love your willingness to work hard.  I love your sweet spirit. 

You, sweet Caleb, encourage me in my times of sadness.  Seeing you accomplish so much more than some people ever thought possible gives me strength.  God has blessed you beyond measure and He has great plans for you.  I love you and I'm so, so, so very proud of you.

Aunt Lynn

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