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Friday, April 30, 2010


Our heat was on this morning.  (Zoe was a good girl!  Christina Latella is awesome!)  Tomorrow it's going to be near 90.  Somewhere in the middle would be perfect for me.  We're celebrating John's birthday tomorrow.  His birthday is Cinco de Mayo!  Last night I made (and pressed) the layers for his birthday cake.  I also make cupcakes.  Yellow cake, chocolate cupcakes.  Homemade frosting to come.  (Chocolate on the yellow cake, white ((Grandma's frosting)) on the chocolate cupcakes.)

I really need to buy a new pair of sunglasses.  I've broken 2 pairs already this 'season' and one of them I actually spent a little bit of money on.  (In other words, not my normal $8 pair from Walmart.)  It's really sunny today, and I hate driving without sunglasses.  I squint a lot and then I get a headache.  Even my kids at work know that my sunglasses are broken and they ask me about them frequently.

So Saturday is John's party, and Sunday will be busy as well.  First, church.  Then at noon there's a special memorial type thing during the opening ceremony of Rotterdam Little League for Tyler.  We're going to that.  Then the rest of the day will be spent doing YARD WORK!  We've got lots of landscaping to do out front.  Soon we'll be getting a new front door and building a new front porch!

For now, I'm off to work.  Capris and flip flops.  Can't wait to spend lots of time outside today!

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