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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This is me.

  1. Always on time, but a massive procrastinator.
  2. Love a clean house, but not the actual act of cleaning.
  3. Cooking dinner makes me feel accomplished and domestic.
  4. Spiders freak me out.
  5. Hate putting on eyeliner.
  6. Closet eater.
  7. Used to be scared of German Shepherds.
  8. Want a baby more than anything.
  9. Love my morning cup of coffee.
  10. Fast driver.
  11. Energy waster.  I leave lights on all the time.
  12. Kid lover. 
  13. Rather do it myself than delegate.
  14. Playing piano makes me happy.
  15. Relate to kids better than adults at times.
  16. Family is my top priority.
  17. Sinner, saved by grace.
  18. Room rearranger.
  19. Planner.
  20. Wanna-be singer.
  21. Broadway ambitions.
  22. Too old for American Idol.
  23. My bed is rarely made.
  24. Sunshine makes me happy.
  25. So does rain.
  26. Homeschooled 6th-12th grade.
  27. About to leave my 20's.
  28. Need a new computer.
  29. Not creative in the least bit.
  30. Leaving projects unfinished like it's my job.
  31. Recovering Facebook addict.
  32. Water drinker.
  33. Couch potato.
  34. Daughter, sister, wife, aunt, friend.
  35. Dishwasher envy.
  36. Psychology was my favorite college class.
  37. Hate drama.
  38. Can live without milk.
  39. Hate when the coffee filter folds over.
  40. Take my temperature every morning.
  41. Don't charge my cell everyday.
  42. Prenatals every night...for 2 years.
  43. Hoarder.
  44. Jewelry owner, rare wearer.
  45. Jaw is constantly popping and snapping out of joint.
  46. 2 pregnancies, no kids yet.
  47. Haven't been to the dentist in years.
  48. Forgetful.
  49. Don't swear.
  50. Care far too much what others think of me.
  51. Pinky toe, only bone ever broken.
  52. Never been fired.
  53. Toenails always painted.
  54. Hospitalized 3 days for dehydration.
  55. Right handed.
  56. Cry easily.
  57. Music lover.
  58. Pulled over many times.
  59. Been in many accidents.
  60. Have an amazing husband.
  61. Hate cleaning the tub.
  62. Junk food addict.
  63. Love candles.  John doesn't.
  64. Love natural light.
  65. Ice cream daily.
  66. Shower, car, home alone singer.
  67. Talk to myself.  And my dog.
  68. Blogging is a release.
  69. Shy.
  70. Need for acceptance.
  71. Hate all seafood.
  72. Bug hater.
  73. TV-aholic.
  74. Love to read.
  75. Straighten my hair almost daily.
  76. Boat owner.
  77. Love to bake.
  78. Love to be tan.
  79. Pro gun.
  80. Cruise lover.
  81. Enjoy sewing.
  82. Like scrapbooking, but am way behind.
  83. Proud of my firefighting hubby.
  84. Can't decide between short and long hair.
  85. Snowman collector.
  86. Reminiscer.  If that's a word.
  87. Wear a bigger size than you'd think.
  88. Bad at returning messages.
  89. Don't want Lost, Glee or 24.
  90. Love spicy food.
  91. Love the smell of fresh cut grass.
  92. Love lilacs.
  93. Interested (mildly) in politics.
  94. DVR is my best friend.
  95. I hate fighting.
  96. Impulse shopper.
  97. Subway lover.
  98. Dislike juice.
  99. Don't like talking on the phone.
  100. Looking to the future with hope and faith.

1 comment:

Crystal Light said...

you forgot beautiful, intelligent, and the most caring person in the world....