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Monday, April 19, 2010


I have this thing.  Maybe it's an issue.  It's most definitely a fear.  Maybe it's a phobia?  I hate spiders.

And spiders like to congregate in our entryway.  It's not actually in the living part of our house, it's the stairway that leads either to the basement or outside.  There's a door from the kitchen which is always shut.  Until I have to go outside.

And every morning I proceed to pull the vacuum cleaner from the laundry room into the kitchen, in preparation for opening the door.  There's almost always a few spiders, every morning.  John sprayed for them, but the spray isn't working like it did last year. 

So as I open the door to let Zoe out, vacuum hose in hand, I scan the ceiling and walls for offenders.  Zoe knows my routine, and instead of rushing down the stairs for the outside door, waits patiently till I'm done.  I suck up the spiders, then let the vacuum run a few additional seconds to make sure they're really dead.  Not just dead, really dead.

My routine didn't change much today, except that there were 2 spiders actually in the house.  One right by the kitchen door, and one in the hallway by the bathroom.  I saw the one in the hallway out of the corner of my eye while I was drying my hair.  I stopped to vacuum it up, then continued with my morning routine.

As I was straightening my hair, my mind wandered to the spiders.  I was many are there?  I mean, they keep coming!  Every day there are more.  And are they smart enough creatures to know what's going on?  Do they realize I'm killing them off, one by one?  Could they possibly seek revenge? 

All of a sudden, in my mind I see a group (flock? herd?) of spiders, working in tandem to control a vacuum hose.  Evil laughter breaks out as they manage to harness the hose and aim it in my direction....

Okay, maybe not.  Atleast, I hope not. 

I'm gonna go check for more spiders.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha!! GROSS! Remember the centipede at my house upstairs?! *shudders*

Ashley Williams said...

I absolutely hate spiders also - I killed a big one last night in our basement. Christine - I found a house centipede last week and I only killed half of it - the rest of it squirmed away. They give me the Creeps!! :]

Lynn said...

Christine, do you remember I wrote a blog post about that?!

Ashley...that is nasty!! I HATE centipedes, and we usually start getting them in our shower this time of year...EW!