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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Every once in awhile A lot of times, John works in the evenings.  I like to cook, but not for only one!  So some nights I'll just make and eat a box of couscous.  Or maybe I'll fry up a batch of french fries or onion rings.  My favorite meal-for-one, by far, is Subway!  I get the same exact thing everytime I go.  I love it, I crave it, and I usually have it atleast once a week.

What is it?  I'll tell you.  Footlong Spicy Italian on Italian Herbs & Cheese bread.  (That's 10 slices of salami and 10 slices of pepperoni.  Yikes, when you put it that way!!)  Provolone cheese.  Toasted.  Lettuce, tomato, onion and jalapeno.  Oil & vinegar.  Salt & pepper.  (Doritos on the side.)

So tonight, knowing John is working till 11pm, I stopped at Subway on my way home.  It was mobbed.  But I already had my heart set on my sandwich, and I wanted to have it.

As I got closer to the ordering counter, I noticed there was one piece of Italian Herb and Cheese bread left.  One.  There is no substitute for this bread.  I would still get the sub, even if all 'my' bread was gone.  But it would not be the same.

There were still 3 people ahead of me in line, and one of them was holding a list.  Never a good sign.  That means they're definitely getting more than 2 subs.

The first 2 customers each ordered a couple subs.  But none on IH&C bread.  Phew.

Now the lady with the list...she ordered 4 subs.  I held my breath when the guy behind the counter asked what kind of bread.  (I may have even prayed.  Hey, God cares about my sub happiness, right?!)  Three wheat and one Italian.  Phew!!

I think I started grinning, I was so happy that I would be getting 'my' sub!  As I approached the counter, I now had a better view of the tall class apparatus that holds the baked bread.  As I looked down into the lower case, I saw a huge tray, piled with loaves of IH&C bread. 

All of a sudden I didn't feel quite so triumphant.

I was still happy, of course, to have the sub I wanted.  And to be honest, I was glad I wasn't taking the last loaf of IH&C.  (Although I have done that before!)  But I just didn't feel quite as victorious as I initially had.

Oh well.  I enjoyed my sub nonetheless!


Chris Stanley said...

Too funny.

Scotto said...

I gave it 10 pepperonis.

Elizabeth said...

That is my favorite one, too.