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Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo heavy

I spent the day at the Cunniff daycare one day last week.  :)  My Mom was watching all 3 of her grandkids, so I stopped by to help for a bit.  Plus I just love spending time with them!

This is Caleb at lunch.  He wasn't too into eating, but he had eaten a lot of crackers earlier, so that's probably why.  While he was sitting like this at the table he started fake snoring.  He's so funny.

Olivia enjoyed her lunch in the walker.  She did not like the fish sticks, but she did like the cheese!

Zach and I.  He was very sleepy and headed for nap when I scooped him up to snap this photo!

Zach and Livy were playing for awhile under the dining room table.  This used to be one of Caleb's favorite hang-outs when he was little too!  I think it feels like a fort to them!

Here are the 3 kids, eating crackers and reading Bible stories!  How cute are they?

Caleb absolutely loves Olivia.  He likes to hug and kiss her, and is always willing to share with her.  When I went to take their picture, he just put his arm around her and said, "Cheese!"

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Anonymous said...

HOW CUTE! I love these pictures. Livy doesn't seem to be on air in those last few! :) Thanks for sharing...