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Monday, April 26, 2010

Subway Saga

...and it continues...

While on my way home from work tonight I decided to stop at Subway.  It's always a thought now...will they have the bread I want?  At least they weren't busy, that's usually a good sign.

I walked right up to the counter and told them I'd like a Spicy Italian on Italian Herb & Cheese bread.  The guys says, "We're out of Italian Herb & Cheese bread."

I can't imagine what the look on my face was...I couldn't believe my worst fears were being realized...

Then he says, "Well, I do have 2 halves..."

I was like, "Sure, I'll take the 2 halves."  Inside I was dancing for joy!!  And the awesome part was, the 2 halves were both the 'bigger' halves.  You know how when they cut the bread in half, one side is always bigger and one is smaller?  Well, these were both the bigger pieces.  Score!

And just to round out my awesome Subway experience, when I got up to the counter to pay she told me it was $5.40.  I pointed out to her that I also had chips...I knew the $5.40 was just the sub and tax without the chips.  She just said, "Yeah," and charged me $5.40.  Don't know why.  But I'll take it.  Free Doritos!  Double score!

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