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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not without a hitch...

One performance down, one more to go!

And if my blog title didn't clue you in, there were a few minor (okay, a couple major!) mishaps.  But the cast did an amazing job of covering and recovering.

One cast member missed an entire scene in which she had many lines!  I sat there looking at the stage, thinking, "What the heck are they going to do?"  But amazingly, if you didn't know how it was supposed to go, you may not have even realized a character was missing.  The kids did that well at covering!  They made up some lines, changed some lines so it would make sense, and thought of things on the fly! 

In another scene, undoubtedly the most dangerous scene in the musical, a 'ghost' comes to Tevye in a dream.  This ghost is a teenage girl, on a teenage guy's shoulders, and they're covered (from her neck to his toes) in a long flowy white nightgown.  There are eye holes for the guy to see through.  Little eye holes.  And I don't know if he could see or not last night...but he ran (with the girl on his shoulders!) right smack into the bed on stage, sliding it over.  At that very moment, I thought they were going to fall, and with the momentum they had going, it seemed they would fall right on me.  I was seriously scared.

But fall they didn't.  He recovered well, she didn't fall off, and the rest of the scene seemed to go perfectly.  There was one definite scream from the audience when he ran into the bed.  I think it was that girl's poor mother, who was already nervous about the whole set-up.

The music seemed to go well.  When I'm playing the keyboard for something like this, I always worry there won't be a good balance.  I don't want the keyboard to be too loud and over powering.  It's supposed to just be a fill-in kind of sound.  But I also don't want the keyboard to be too quiet.  I don't want people to be sitting in the audience wondering why I'm even up there because they can't hear anything I'm playing!

My husband and sister both assured me that it sounded good.  I hope they're not lying.

So, time to get ready for the second show. 

Actually, it's time to go grocery shopping for food for my Mom's birthday tomorrow.  Then make a birthday cake for her.  Maybe start on the pasta salad.  Then get ready for the show.  Niskayuna High School, 2pm, $5!  If you've got nothing to do this's a great show!


Anonymous said...

I wasn't lying!! It sounded perfect! Just the right loudness, too!

Lynn said...

Thank you!! :)