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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tub Time

I hate cleaning the tub.  Therefore, it rarely gets done.  I have, however, seen commercials lately for this special cleaner with 'scrubbing bubbles' that goes on blue and turns white when it's dry and ready to be wiped off.  Since I was doing a small grocery store run today, and since John said I had to spend atleast $51, I decided to pick some up.

(We had a 20 cent gas savings with our Advantage card, plus $49 toward the next level.  So by spending $51, it would bump us up to a 40 cent savings.  I spent $72.)

First of all, I opened the window in the bathroom, as well as the windows in the living room.  I read the back of the can, and it said there were no fumes, and there were no rules for ventilation or anything.  So I figured there would be no problem.

Since it's been awhile, I took my time and did section by section, really trying to do a good job.  When I was about halfway through, I realized the smell was really strong.  It was kind of getting to me.  I put my face right by the window for a few seconds for some fresh air.

Near the end, my nose was burning and I was feeling a little light headed.  I pictured myself passing out with no one here (except Zoe) to save me.  John called shortly after that, and I told him if he finds me dead, it's because of the tub cleaner.  :)  It did do a good job though! 

Unfortunately, after I was all done, I realized that I forgot to do the inside of the shower doors.  Oh well.  I'll probably do them when I'm in the shower at some point.  That'll be easier.  Or maybe I'll just make John do it.  Even better!

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