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Friday, March 12, 2010

Still here...

This has been a crazy, insane week!  Work for 10+ hours Monday through Thursday, and busy nights as well!  Some mornings I've left the house at 6:45am, not to return until 10 at night!  I hit the sack and start it all again the next day!!

I've had blog posts floating around in my head.  I've even mentally written the first sentences of a few.  But when I get home at night, there's just no energy left to put the words down on the page, er, screen.

Today is FRIDAY!  My long-awaited day off!  I'm finishing up my DVR'd American Idol from the week right now (8:45am).  Then I will start on my to-do list!  I wrote lists yesterday while the kids were sleeping for Friday and Saturday...all the things I needed to get done.  And I actually started on my list late last night by cleaning out the fridge.

So once I finish some chores, I'll be back.  I've been thinking a lot about hope lately, and I have some ideas/feelings to share.  Until then, Fiddler on the Roof is what's playing on my iPod while I spruce this place up!

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