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Thursday, March 18, 2010

55 Minutes

John does not like American Idol.  That is no secret, and I work with it.  If he's home, we DVR it.  I watch it later, when he isn't home.  (I almost prefer this, as it allows me to fast forward through commercials and especially difficult-to-listen-to performances.)

This week, John was home on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  No problem!  DVR to the rescue.  Wednesday morning I checked to make sure it had recorded the night before.  It had, but instead of a 2 hour chunk, the DVR split it into a half hour and an hour and a half.  Okay, fine, I've still got the whole thing!

Last night, we were watching other things while DVRing American Idol.  John was flipping back and forth between a couple things.  I was maybe, possibly snoozing just a tiny bit.  (I'm cutting back on caffeine once again and I'm exhausted by 8pm.)  Well, with all his channel surfing, the cable box froze up.  He wanted to see the end of whatever he was watching, so he went in the bedroom to see the last 5 minutes.  I got up to get ready for bed.  When the box finally got reset or whatever...John pulled up the DVR list.  dun dun dun....

Just as a side note, the results show of American Idol can all be reduced to the last 5 minutes of the show.  The rest is drama and fluff.  Just show me who it is that's getting voted off, okay?!

Back to the DVR list.  When John told me American Idol only recorded for 55 minutes, I was so bummed.  The first 55 minutes is useless!  It's the last 5 minutes that matters!  Oh well.  Maybe I can find it online somewhere.

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