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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Business Venture

My father-in-law recently turned 60.  We had a big party to celebrate!  Kristen, Chrystal and I were in charge of the cupcakes!  I don't exactly remember how many there were...but there were a lot!  Many different varieties with many different colors of frosting!

Here they are, working on frosting them the day of the party.  I think Chrystal's icing bag had just done something weird, hence the expression on her face!

We had such a good time doing this, we were throwing around the idea of opening our own bakery.  We decided that between John's Mom's cookies, my Grandma's frosting and Chrystal's chocolate calzones, we'd be a hit. 

And now that I've mastered the art of just barely learned how to deep fry candy bars, we could do that too!  Throw in some ice cream and we'd have a pretty decent dessert place.

And we would have so much fun doing it!!  It would be so much fun to all work together and get to hang out everyday.

But I'm realistic.  It takes a lot of money to start up a business like that.  There's lots of stuff involved.  Tons of work that you can never 'leave at the office' when you own your own business.  Severe chance for failure and losing everything.  Especially in this economy. 

But hey, it's fun to dream!

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