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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Toyota Wave

So while driving to my parent's today a blue corvette with the top down cut in front of me. No blinker. Old, gray-haired, pony-tailed man. Ok, no biggie. I can get over that since he didn't dilly dally after he cut in. Another corvette (top up!) drove by going the opposite direction. It was then that I saw the funniest thing: Old gray ponytail lifted up his arm in a wave. I checked my rear view just to be sure...and yup, I was right, it was another corvette. Apparently, same as motorcyclists, corvettists (?) have a "wave" for when they pass one another on the street. This made me snicker and consider what would happen if I was supposed to wave every time I passed another Toyota. The Toyota club. Aren't we cool. My arm would surely be tired, as it seems every other car at least is a Toyota.

I get the firetruck wave...that just makes sense. I now know about the cop wave. Ok, I can dig it. The motorcycle wave is okay. At least it's only a few months out of the year, here in the great Northeast. But the corvette wave? I think that's pushing it. But that's just me.

Old gray ponytail proceeded to turn again with no blinker. TMB? I think so.


Heather D said...

Let me know the toyota wave.i have one!!!! The corrolla!!!!!!

Lynn said...

you and me both Heather! whenever I find out what it is, I'll let you know! :)