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Thursday, July 2, 2009


John and I took a weekend trip to Rochester last week with his parents and sister. We went Friday for John's cousin's graduation party. On Saturday we had breakfast at Denny's. Then John rode along with his cousin Joe who's a paramedic, while the rest of us went to Harbor Fest, shopped at Wegman's and visited a winery. Then we had dinner for my Mother-in-law's birthday and went to a baseball game! On Sunday we headed home. It was a great weekend! Here are some pictures:

Mom & Kristen, on the way to Mike's party

John & I at Aunt Anne-Pat's house

Joe & John, saving the city

John, Dad & Joe, with Joe's paramedic fly car

Mom, Kristen, me & Aunt Anne-Pat

Me, Mom & Kristen at Lake Ontario

John & I at the winery

Triple A Twins team playing Triple A Yankees team

John & I at the game (cell phone picture)

John's parents at the game (cell phone picture)

Fireworks after the game! (both cell phone pictures)

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