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Saturday, July 11, 2009

dum, dum, da dum...

I took a lot of flack for this:
I am not superstitious is any way. However, I am a firm believer in the groom not seeing the bride in the wedding gown before she walks down the aisle. Call it tradition, call it sentimentality, call it what you will. I was determined not to see my fiance on the day of our wedding before the double doors opened and the wedding march began.
What's the harm in a little phone conversation? John and I have always been very 'communicative'...if that's the right term. We talk on the phone all the time. Not necessarily long, drawn-out conversations. That's never really been the case. But he's always been the type to call me a lot just to check in, to let me know what's going on, or to see what's happening with me. So why not on the morning of our wedding?

Our ceremony didn't begin until 5:30pm, so that left a long day of primping and preparing. It was only natural to talk on the phone with John a few times. But if I recall correctly (this was almost 3 years ago) my sisters were adamantly against me talking to him on the day of our wedding. What's the big deal???
Here are a few other pictures from our wedding. I was given these pictures after the wedding, and I'm not sure who took if you took them and you want credit, let me know!! All photos are unedited....that's my next project. :)
John & I with his best man, Sean, and my maid- and matron-of-honor, Christine & Sarah (my sisters)

The guys

The girls

I'm pretty sure this picture was taken by Mike Moriarty...

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