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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Editing

So stop me if you've heard this before...I most definitely have the best, cutest nephews in the world! What? You haven't heard me say that? Well then let me say it again...I love my nephews and they are the cutest boys ever!!

I would be remiss (is that the right word?) if I didn't mention my adorable niece Olivia!! Of course, she is the CUTEST, most beautiful baby girl ever.

So here are my latest edits. It's so easy when the kids are already so good-looking. :)
My darling Caleb. The first nephew! He will always have a special place in my heart. I still remember holding him in the delivery room, him sticking his tongue out at me. I love when I see him and he says, "Hi Lynn! Where's Zoe?" :) He's the best.

Okay, so you can't see his face in this picture, but I just love it so much! Last night Zach was crawling all over my parent's house. He scooted over to the piano and proceeded to pull himself up by holding onto the bench...then he stretched his arms up to play some bass clef notes! I love his little legs spread...and his arm reaching...these moments are not taken for granted. I still wonder how this picture can make me exceeding happy, yet break my heart at the same time. Zach, our little miracle boy!

Then, of course, there's beautiful Olivia. I think we waited the longest for! She wanted to make sure we were good and ready...and good and ready we were! It's so amazing to see her turn into a baby girl with a cute smile and personality all her own. Looking at this picture (and, honestly, any picture of her!) makes me just want to snuggle with her and kiss her!!


kim noyes said...

Lynn, I didn't know you had a blog.

It's enjoyable to read, yet I find tears while I read and go through your thoughts along with you.
Know that I love you and always
You are always in my prayers.
love kim

Lynn said...

well it's kind of a work in progress...but I have fun doing it. :) thanks for the prayers!!