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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Last night John needed to pick up some hamburgers and cheese to grill at work today. Hannaford is open 24 hours, and it was almost midnight, so we stopped there. As we walked in, John leaned over and said, "You're sure they're open 24 hours?" I glanced around and saw another shopper, so I affirmed that yes, I was sure they were still open. However, they didn't look it!

Have you ever been to a grocery store at midnight? I had not. Maybe this is a usual occurrence, or maybe it was because it was Independence Day Eve. But the store was in shambles! The freezer aisle was filled with boxes, empty and yet-to-be-emptied. We could hardly make it down the aisle! There was a kid there working like a maniac. I wish I could have heard what was playing on his iPod. There was a guy with a HUGE broom sweeping the aisles. I guess a 24-hour store needs to clean sometime. It was strange though. Some of the lights were out. I don't know if they just try to conserve energy at night when there are less shoppers...??

There were only a couple other patrons that I saw. Right as we were headed to the one-and-only checkout lane, a couple girls came in the door and got right in line in front of us. With no items. I knew that was a bad sign. They wanted smokes. And they couldn't figure out which ones they wanted. And the guy had to go to another lane to get the cigarettes. And once he did get them, the girl decided she wanted 2 packs of that particular brand instead of one. So he had to go back and get more. I was so annoyed. It was probably a good 5 minutes we stood there waiting for them. I don't know why it annoyed me so bad...maybe because it was midnight. Maybe because there was only one lane open. Maybe because the cashier was taking his sweet time. Finally we were able to check out and get out of there.

I can see doing my big grocery shopping at midnight. There's basically no one else in the store. But the one lane thing is annoying...say I have a cart full of groceries being rung out, then someone comes up with 1 or 2 items. I would feel really bad.

Don't know why I'm so concerned with grocery store etiquette today.

Happy 4th of July to all! Enjoy the festivities and stay safe!

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