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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ornaments 5 & 6

I'm trying desperately to catch up.  I hope to do another ornament post tonight, most likely with a baby update in between!

This ornament is very special for an obvious reason: it marks our first year having Christmas together as a family!

Christmas 2006, given to us by my Mom and Dad!  Sorry for the poor picture quality, I have to take the pictures without the flash, and on my camera that makes them blurry!

This ornament was probably one of the first 'destination' ornaments I ever bought.

(Again, sorry about the blurriness.)  My very first cruise was with my parents and little sister and it was amazing!  Our very first port was Nassau, and that's where I bought this pretty, glittery shell. 

Since then, I've been back to the Bahamas with John...I'll show you that ornament another time!  :)

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