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Saturday, December 11, 2010

How many shopping days till Christmas?

My feet, knees and legs have been very sore lately.  I was just figuring it was all the extra weight I've been packing on.  But after only gaining one pound in four weeks, I know that's not it!  So what the heck is it?  Who knows.  I just keep having to sit down because my legs hurt almost too much to stand.  Of course, I did do lots of shopping today, then cleaning, then dishes.  But I still have cookies to make!!  I think I'm going to sit and unwrap the Hershey Kisses first, that way I'll get a little break before I even start.  :)

Speaking of shopping...I'm doing pretty well.  I think I'm almost done with John.  However, I did something really stupid today.  I bought him a gift that I already bought a couple weeks ago.  Whoops.  I'm blaming preggo brain.

We still have plenty of shopping left to do, but we want to do some of it together, and that's gonna be pretty difficult.  Our schedules conflict quite a bit for the next couple weeks!

Okay, cookie time.

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