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Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've decided 12 ornaments blogged about a year is the perfect number.  That way, there are more for next year! 

Yesterday was Christmas Program day at work.  Two programs, one 14-hour day, lots of yummy snacks and minimal crying (from the kids, not me).  All-in-all a very good day, but boy was I exhausted!  I'm taking a few minutes this morning to relax before I jump into my to-do list.

And during these few minutes of relaxation, I'm busy eating some delicious cookies that I was given as a gift yesterday.  This Mom at work makes amazing cookies, and I was so glad she gave me some!  They're almost gone.  :)

Now it's time to make a list and get going.  This stuff isn't going to get done on its own!

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