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Thursday, December 2, 2010

the frosting recipe I promised...

Remember when I posted my sugar cookie recipe?  I also promised to post my frosting recipe when it came time to, well, frost!  And when I was at my parent's today and mentioned frosting some cookies, my Dad reminded me that I needed to post the recipe!  So here goes.  This is Grandma's frosting recipe, used on many delicious cakes, including my wedding cake!  And I think it's just perfect for sugar cookies.

First, put 1 lb. confectioners sugar, 2/3 c. Crisco, 1 t. vanilla extract, 2 t. almond extract and 1/4 c. milk in a bowl.  (I kind of do the almond to taste...the recipe really only calls for vanilla!)

Second, mix it all up.

Third...well, there is no third.  You're done!  Unless, of course you want to add some color!

Now, I realize these colors aren't very...Christmas-y.  But let me explain.  I did yellow for the angels, brown for the gingerbread men, blue for the trains (Thomas anyone?) and green (which is Christmas-y!) for the trees.  Some years I don't color the icing at all, and just use sprinkles.  This year, I'm doing both!

And voila!

Delicious sugar cookies.  How do I know?  I may have just eaten 6 of them.  But in my defense, I'm eating for two.

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Kathy Lundberg said...

Thanks! I totally agree with the almond extract. It's awesome!