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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

Ok, something new! I'm far from gourmet, and definitely don't cook dinner 7 nights a week. My husband works odd shifts, and I'm lazy some nights. If the sink is full of dishes, chances are I'm not cooking. But, on the nights I do cook, I love it!

So tonight we had yummy, delicious, mouth watering pizza. Homemade dough:

Well, homemade from the break maker. That counts, right? Thanks.

I split the dough (not quite) in half. I spread out the first (bigger) half to make a pizza crust.

I know, it looks kind of oblong and oval-ish. That's ok. It'll all work out once you get it on the pan. Speaking of...I pre-heated my pizza stone, then arranged my crust on the stone, along with the toppings.

In this order: crust (obviously), sauce, mozzarella, pizza seasoning and parmesan cheese. I usually also add pepperoni, tomatoes or some other yummy topping(only to my half), but I felt like just cheese tonight. And John always feels like just cheese. I baked my pizza at 425 for about...15 minutes I think.

Ta Da!

(I forgot to take a picture before I cut it.) The pizza was delicious and the only thing that topped it was the garlic knots which I made out of the other (smaller) half of the dough.

I got the thumbs-up approval from the hubby, so I think I did good. Wow, those garlic knots look ginormous. They really weren't that huge. But they were delish!

What tasty dishes are you dishing up?

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