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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Days 3 & 4

I'm flying high with FlyLady! Here are the steps so far:
  • Day One - Shine your sink
  • Day Two - Dress to lace up shoes (also read 2 minutes of email reminders from FlyLady)
  • Day Three - Do what we've already done (just keep keeping on!)
  • Day Four - Write it down

So today was Day Four. Yesterday was easy. I even wore lace up shoes to work. And let me say my feet and legs felt much better. But back to today. Day Four. Let me just tell was the real test for me. Because today is Saturday.

Here's my normal Saturday routine, if I don't have to go anywhere first thing.

  • Get up and pee
  • Make coffee
  • Let the dog out
  • Veg on the couch for 1, 2, maybe 3 hours watching TV and doing various online activities

Now, since I'm trying very hard to make this FlyLady routine stick, here's what my today (so far) looked like.

  • Got up and peed
  • Made coffee
  • Let the dog out
  • Got dressed (!)
  • Did my hair and makeup (!)

Now I'm vegging on the couch...but I've already read my email reminders like I was supposed to. I wrote out 'what we've done so far' on 2 post-it notes and placed them above the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. I'm not wearing shoes, but it's too hot for that. Now I'm gonna go pry John out of bed and maybe do some laundry. Mount Washmore. Ha!

Disclaimer: FlyLady does not require multiple bulleted lists. I'm just in a list-y mood. But I don't know if FlyLady approves of lists or not. She's big on the daily journal, which has routine lists in it. So maybe. I guess I'll find out eventually.


Anonymous said...

Good job!!! How's the sink?

Lynn said...

Still incredibly clean and shiny! Go me!! :)