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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can this get any easier?

Day Two.

Who would have thought it would be this easy? I clicked on the Day Two link from FlyLady and wow! The only thing I had to do today was get dressed to lace up shoes. Basically, all the way dressed, even wearing shoes. This was not a difficult task, considering the fact that I worked today. If I had not worked, I must admit, I probably wouldn't have been wearing shoes all day.


I have been having lots of trouble with my feet/legs being sore, and I know it's from my flip flops that I've been constantly wearing. Not so good for the legs. It's just too hot to wear sneakers.

But I digress.

This system seems to be built upon routine. Thus, I continue to shine my sink today (and my sink is still clean-I even cleaned out my coffee cup this morning as soon as I was done with it!), as well as the dressed to the shoes deal. And tomorrow...who knows? Maybe the third step will be putting on makeup, doing laundry or dusting the TV. Only time will tell...

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