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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


FLYing. Not sure if I've explained what this means. FLYing with FlyLady stands for Finally Loving Yourself. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Day Seven. Here's what I've done so far: Left my sink shining this morning; Spent 2 minutes on a hot spot (coffee table) before work; Did the 'mission' for the day (see below) after work; Did what few dishes there were, dried them and put them away; Another 2 minutes on a different hot spot (butcher block in the kitchen) after work.

I really like doing the 2 minutes on the hot spots. I don't get them clean, but the second (ok, maybe third) time I hit it, it will be finished.

Ok, the missions. They're included in the daily schedule email. Yesterday I cleaned the ceiling and walls in the bedroom and bathroom. Today the challenge was to clean the 'edges' in those rooms. So I did! I straightened up anything that was clustered around the edges of our bedroom, then took the vacuum to it. I actually vacuumed the whole floor, as well as under the bed.

And finally (this seems like a lot, writing it all down, but honestly it doesn't feel like a lot!), today's baby step. Laying out my clothes. Part of my nightly routine now needs to include laying out my clothes for the next day. Which I've already done. (Go me!) I've done this in the past, never routinely, but I love having my clothes already picked out. Just makes the morning that much easier. I also have the coffee all ready to go. Another thing I used to do (sometimes) which will make my morning run that much smoother! I plan to make that a part of my nighttime routine as well.

One week so far!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I really mean this when I say it. I am PROUD of you! I would never be able to stick to something like you are. It seems to be really working well for you. I'm happy for you!

SCREBURG! (That's my word verification for this comment.)

Lynn said...

Thanks!! I'm so happy for me too! It's (kind of) slow progress, but there's definite progress. And just having the kitchen clean makes everything else seem better!